Shayne Merioles

My Journey As A Miriam Volunteer

By: Shayne Merioles

I am Hyacinth Merioles, or simply, Shayne. I took up International Studies in Miriam College (INSA) and graduated March, 2004. I used to be the President of Pax Christi, a peace organization in the school. I was also a scholar for five semesters so I got the chance to work at some school offices such as the Freshman Coordinator’s Office. Currently, I am working for a humanitarian organization (Philippine National Red Cross-IHL Office) as an Advocacy Officer. I am also a member of Haribon Foundation (an environmental NGO) and working closely with some women friends to set up a group WAVE (Women Advocates of Volunteerism and Education).

I was in my third year attending a leadership training seminar when the Miriam Volunteer Mission (MVM) program was first mentioned by Ms Malou Turalde, Coordinator of the program then. It rang in my ear. Then I followed it up at INSA the whole year through and even got to convince a partner.