Sister Cecilia Cuizon

Columban Sisters’ Silver Jubilarians

In the early 1970s the Columban Sisters began a formation program in the Philippines. Filipino Sisters before that trained overseas. We thank Sister Mary O’Dea SSC for contributing the stories of the vocations of three who came through the new program and who have celebrated their Silver Jubilee. You can learn more about the Columban Sisters at

Sister Tammy Saberon

Sr Tammy (2nd L-R with fellow Columban Sisters and companions in Myanmar

IQUIQUE: A City to be Loved

By: Sr. Cecilia Cuizon, SSC

Sr. Cecilia Cuizon is a Filipino Columban Missionary working in Iquique, Chile. At Christmas time she reflects on her present ministry in that city.

Christmas in Iquique

This year for me seemed to fly so fast that I did not even notice that it was time to send greetings to my loved ones. Here in Iquique, the joyful melodies of Christmas season are not heard until the 23rd or the 24th of December. Christmas is mainly for Children in Iquique. No wonder, fathers have to set aside a bit from their salary every year for their children. When Christmas comes, all workers dressed in deferent styles, with Santa Claus in the middle of them and with their vehicles decorated (because there is a price for the best decorated vehicle) deliver the gifts to their respective children. So, a group of children wait for Santa Claus’ truck to pass by, all day and all night in case they will miss him.

Children of the Streets

Sr. Cecilia Cuizon, a Filipino Columban Sister who has been on mission in Iquique Chile for several years writes about the street children she accompanies, as one of her ministries

Sister, Can You Help?
One afternoon while I was visiting the different group in our parish of Iquique, Chile, a girl named Ninoska, twenty years old, approached me and said, “Hermana, puede usted ayudarnos?” (Sister, can you help us?) I knew the girl I knew the girl because I had seen her many times with children she was preparing for the first communion. “Que quiere?” (What do you want?) I asked.