Sister Concepcion Madduma ICM

And Then, I Saw The Whole World

By Sister Concepcion Madduma ICM

Over two decades ago, Sr Ching Madduma got a scholarship to the University of the Philippines to pioneer studies for people with mental disabilities. Little did she realize that she was entering the world of people who lived in shadows. And that became her mission.

The great country of India accepted me twenty five years ago to serve the people who live ‘in a world of shadows.’ I see my mission as bringing light, love and knowledge to them so that they can live their lives fully and walk with faith and dignity.

In order to mold each individual we need special education. The Lord gave me the talent to present this special education to persons with intellectual disabilities in some 45 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the South Pacific.

As a member of the Special Education Team I present the programs with Fr Adam B Gudalefsky, a Maryknoll Missioner in Hong Kong, to people. Our programs are non-institutional and non-professional. They are centered on home schooling and parents are the primary educators. The educational approach is holistic.

Non-Person to Persons

a Filipino Sister and her helpers gives a lead

By Sr. Conception ‘Ching’ Madduma, ICM

Sr. conception ‘Ching’ Madduma ICM has been working for many years in India with the mentally handicapped. She runs a school and trains trainors and teaches parents how to look after their mentally handicapped children. Her expertise is in the education and care of persons with learning difficulties. In some cultures mentally handicapped people are seen as non-persons. Sr. Ching has had a long uphill road. Here we give a little picture of one of her many faithful co-workers, Mr. Shiv Hari Singh.