Sister Grace Dorothy Lim MM

By Sister Grace Dorothy Lim MM

Early one morning, I received a call. ‘Sister, please, help us with the Immigration.’ Someone had received notice of voluntary deportation. At 8 o’clock I drove to their house. It was a one-room structure, an extension of a bigger house.

Sister Grace Dorothy Lim MM

Strange Encounter

By Sr Grace Dorothy Lim MM

It was almost noon and I had to go back to our convent in Kalihi. I tried to remember the streets and retrace my path. When I was near the bus stop on Fort Mall Street I felt faint. I went to lean on the post of a store and prayed, ‘Lord, please help me. I don’t know anybody here.’ I closed my eyes.

In a while a gentleman, rather elderly, stopped in front of me and asked, ‘Are you a nun?’ ‘Yes,’ I said.

‘Are you a Filipina?’

‘Yes, sir,’ I responded.

He looked at his watch and asked, ‘It’s noon time Have you eaten lunch?’

‘Not yet. I was going home.’

‘No wonder you’re faint. Can I take you to lunch?’

I was grateful for his company. He was kind, well dressed and well-mannered.