Sister Ines A. Tan FMM

Mysterious Macau Part 3

Sr. Ines A. Tan, FMM
A Filipino Missionary in Macau

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Ten Meters from China
One day, I went to visit one new immigrant families from China. They are forty families who live in an improvised building, built out over the sea along the coast of Macau, ten meters away from China.

Mysterious Macau Part II

By Sr. Ines A Tan, FMM
Filipino Missionary in Macau

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Walking the Streets
St. Francis used to walk the streets- that’s how he did his mission work. I decided to imitate him and I walked the streets of Macau- I met other streets walkers: prostitutes, many of whom were Filipinos.

Mysterious Macau

By Sister Ines A. Tan, FMM


             I was born and grow up in Luzon, in the Tagalog region of the Philippines. Soon after I became a Franciscan Missionary of Mary, I was sent to Macau, a Portuguese Colony, a peninsula attached to the mainland China. Ninety eight percent of the populations are Chinese. It only takes ten minutes walk from the border to go to the nearest market of China. Many people here go there almost everyday to buy fresh fish and vegetables.