Sister M. Rose Agnes MC

Prayers From The Heart

By Sister M. Rose Agnes MC

Sr M Rose Agnes considers Misyon as a source of joy and inspiration for her and for others who are working in the different nooks and corners of Sri Lanka. Whenever she finishes with her copy, she gives it to others who pass it on in turn. 

Sri Lanka is known for its exotic natural beauty, but due to the ongoing war it is sad that little by little this is disappearing. Though the government and the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eeelam (LTTE), usually called the ‘Tamil Tigers’, declared a ceasefire in 2001, killing by both sides is still ‘quietly’ going on. Now in some parts of the country it has reached a climax. As I travel from one house to another in our region, I experience uncertainty about the future. I have to surrender and be ready to die anywhere at anytime. Bombs explode anywhere but I believe that once you surrender yourself totally to Him, He takes care of all the rest, providing a protecting angel to watch over us.