Sister Marivic P. Ching SGBP

On The Road To Conversion

By Sister Marivic P. Ching SGBP

Sister Marivic is a member of the Sisters of Jesus Good Shepherd, known as the Pastorelle Sisters. This is one of five congregations founded by Blessed James Alberione (1884-1971) . The congregation’s website, which has an English version, is

I Chose you’:  the words which best expressed my sentiments after struggling with God in my prayers in this new mission. When Sister Marita, Provincial Superior, told me to go to a mission in Chile, I had mixed emotions that were hard to articulate. To be the first Filipina Pastorella in Latin America, and particularly in Chile, in a community composed of Sisters from Italy, Brazil and Peru, was for me quite a challenge. With the grace of God, I agreed to be a member of the Chile-Peru Delegation. I remembered Abraham in his old age, called by God to go to a nation that he had never known or seen before, and, like him, I obeyed.