Sister Rosalie Mujar OSB

Mission Of Life Well Lived

By Sister Rosalie Mujar OSB

Sister Marissa Piramide OSB and Sister Rosalie Mujar OSB, both Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing, write from different parts of Tanzania and from different perspectives about their experience of trying to adjust to a very different culture.

The former Head-mistress of Sisters’ Secondary Bellarmine Bernas OSB, went back to the Philippines in 1998 and I have been in the post from January 1999 up to the present. This is my last year so I’m trying to put everything in order before I leave in December. After nine consecutive years on the missions, three in Kalumburu, Western Australia and six here in Africa, I feel the need to go back again to the Philippines to refill myself spirituality, physically and professionally if I am to help on the school again.