Sister Victoria Lerin FMM

Floods And Snow

By Sister Victoria Lerin FMM

Floods were three meters deep after four days of ceaseless rain in Santiago, the capital of Chile, in June 2002. The worst hit areas were poorer sections of the city and nearby farms. Eleven people died and many suffered from diseases the floods brought in their wake. Farmers lost livestock.

A similar flood occurred in 1926, perhaps the worst in the country’s history. Chile has developed since then, much more in the cities than in remote rural areas. Those who buy the fine wines and fruit the country exports are probably unaware of the many poor people who live behind Santiago’s imposing commercial buildings. As a foreigner, I don’t understand the complexities of Chile’s business life but I don’t think that the well being of the people is an overriding priority of those engaged in ruthless competition for the world’s markets. The politics are like those at home – dirty. And the rich still get richer and the poor poorer.

In the Heart of Bolivia

By: Sr. Victoria Lerin, FMM

Bolivia, the heart of Latin America is very rich in culture like every country. The northern part of Bolivia is called Pando where I am working with a population of 40,000 people of which ninety percent are Catholic.

Rediscovering Who are You

By: Sr. Victoria C. Lerin, FMM

Sr. Victoria tells us the difficulties of adopting to a new culture and how it means rediscovering who you yourself are...

Jungle Mission
My name is Sr. Victoria Lerin, I am a sister of the Marcesa Sisters working in Bolivia in Latin America.
We are four sisters here, two Spanish, a Brazilian and myself a Filipina. We Collaborate in the work of the Parish administers, the Maryknoll Fathers. As of now, we have only one Priest, so formation lay leaders helps a lot in our pastoral work and we can reach even the farthest communities in the midst of the jungles which is the main concern of the Parish. [I always believe that the God of Israel is the same God of Today who is one with His people in their struggle to live as Christians].