Sr Alicia Alambra FMM

Responsible Stewardship in Mission

By Sr Alicia Alambra FMM

Sister Alicia is a Franciscan Missionary of Mary from the Philippines. She has written before for Misyon, from Bolivia, Rome and from the USA. She is currently working in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The missionary work of the Church could not continue without the service of those who spend much of their time in front of a computer ensuring that financial resources are properly used.

Build a community of administrative and financial leaders in support of pastoral practice to achieve the mission of the Church.

Sister Alicia leading a workshop with young adults of the parish

This is the goal of our work as Business Managers of the parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Our Parish

I working in a parish, St Donatus, Blue Island, Illinois, founded by the Comboni Missionaries in 1909, that includes few skilled but many unskilled workers, some of them migrants. The former residents were Italian who in recent years left the parish and went west of Chicago. Now about 90 percent of the populace are from Mexico and Guatemala.

Come, Risk The Sacred Journey

By Sr Alicia Alambra FMM

Come risk the sacred journey, enter now uncharted place.
Risk the sacred journey inward to the ocean deep and dark.
Step by step we make our way through
Desert plains and mountains steep.
Step by step God’s Spirit leads us . . .

Zoom In

Driving around is like taking the given daily choices of everyday life and choosing the right direction so as to arrive at our destination. What is important are the four directions of North, South, East and West, so I always figure out these directions in order to find my way easily.


By Sr Alicia Alambra FMM

Sr Alicia Alambra FMM is a member of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary She has written before for Misyon, from Bolivia.

Change is everywhere especially these days of autumn when the leaves of the trees turn yellow, orange, red, pink, brown and are later blown off by the chilly wind.

So my life this year is totally different than during my previous missions in Rome and Chile-Bolivia. I arrived in the USA province on 21 May, the birth anniversary of our foundress, Blessed Mary of the Passion, and in the receiving room or sala of our Manhattan convent her photo touched me with the message ‘We need missionaries’. This gave me the impetus to open myself to whatever He sends me. But as I look back, I was always surprised at how God has designed his ways for me: like the autumn leaves with their beauty. He continues to surprise and delight me with the gift and warmth of my Sisters, my new responsibilities and my experiences of daily adjustments and adapting to the culture.