Sr. Angela Marie RGS

Give me a Baby, Any Day

By Sr. Angela Marie, RGS

“She stunned us with her perfection. Fresh from another galaxy, she radiated an untarnished glory. Everything about her was an intimation of the divine images. We took turns holding her greedily absorbing her baby scent, and nearly falling over from giddiness and joy.”
(Gloria Hutchinson, Praying The Rosary)

The above quote from Gloria Hutchinson who describes her first encounter with her first grandchild is a perfect description of every newborn baby, girl or boy, brown, black or white. When we celebrated the bi-centennial anniversary of our foundress, St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, and he special gift to our gift to our community, we celebrated this unique ministry to new born babies and their mothers and Grace Maternity Hospital. It is a very and privilege ministry to yawning, crying, feeding, sleeping, “grace –full” babies, radiant mothers glowing with joy, pride, beaming daddies, smiling grandparents, some excited siblings and happy visitors.