Sr. Ann Rita Centeno SSC

A Story Of Love

By Sr. Ann Rita Centeno, SSC

More and more competent women are emerging in pastoral ministries. Usually sisters give homilies at special liturgical occasions. Sr. Ann Rita gives the homily at the first profession as a Missionary Sister of St. Columban of he namesake, Sr. Ann C. Carbon. Some highlights from the homily appears below.

I’m very happy to see all of you this afternoon. Whether we have come from far away Cagayan de Oro City, Davao, Cebu, Ozamiz, Ireland, Pangasinan or from nearby Quezon City or San Juan. We have come with a common purpose, and that is, to be witnesses to a story of love. Aren’t vocation stories love stories? Aren’t vocation stories basically deep personal experiences of a loving God? Maybe this is a good moment to recall our own vacation stories.

I Remember Manolito

By Sister Ann Rita Centeno

A poor mother in a Chilean barrio shares her grief with the author.

I wish I could forget that evening of September 4, but how can I? Early that morning Manolito was in a good spirits. He wanted to watch a football match of his favorite team on television but since there was no electricity in our area he asked permission to watch it at his sister’s house, which was only a block away. He washed himself – my Manolito liked to be neat and clean always- combed his curly black hair and was just ready to leave the house when he asked me, Mommy could I used you jacket tonight? ‘ But you have your own jacket,’ I replied. But he insisted and so I let him have his way. ‘And Mommy,’ with a big smile, ‘Id liked to borrow your rubber shoes too,’ How could I refuse him?