Sr Anne Carbon SSC

By Sr Anne Carbon SSC

Sister Anne, a psychiatric nurse by profession, is a Columban Sister form Cagayan de Oro. Misyon has featured a number of her articles about her missionary work in Peru. 

On 10 October 2008, World Mental Health Day, the Commission on Mental Health of Ayacucho celebrated its fifth anniversary. Looking back on those five years, I cannot but thank God for the many advances that have made it possible for us to initiate and carry forward different programs at our clinic.

Beauty In Suffering

Sr Anne Carbon SSC

Sister Anne is from Cagayan de Oro and worked as a nurse before becoming a Columban Sister. She qualified in mental health nursing in England. Her article shows how important that is as she works with children traumatized by years of terrorism in the area of Peru where she lives.

Sr Anne with the children
Sr Anne with the Children

The Challenge Of Making Decisions

By Sister Anne Carbon SSC

Columban Sister Anne Carbon of Cagayan de Oro took her final vows in 2003. She ministers to those suffering from the psychological effects of Peru’s years of political violence.

When I entered religious life in the mid-’90s, it was certainly different from the life the older Sisters had lived for years and years. Gone, in some congregations, were the days of superiors, the formality of wearing a religious habit and serving in institutions such as schools and hospitals.