Sr. Carmela Santos SPC

I Couldn’t Hear the Sermon But...

By: Sr. Carmela Santos, SPC

It is the feast of the Sacred Heart and the Church of St. Joan of Arc in Islington, North London is nearly filled to overflowing. The sanctuary is ablaze with color. The organ is belting out the glorious entry hymn and the congregation rise as Holy Mass begins. But something does not seem to be right. I see people craning their necks to catch what the celebrant is trying to say. Obviously, the microphones are not in good working order. Some kids begin to fidget and loud threats from glaring mums add to the hum and murmur around us.

...and Like Shining Stars in God’s Vast Firmament...

By: Sr. Carmela Santos, SPC

Sr. Carmela Santos from the Philippines works in London, England. Here she tells us her parish ministry and some of the people she has met and learned from.

International Parish
St. Joan of Arc is a thriving and active parish in Highbury, Borough of Islington in North London. It boasts of a happy community of some 5,000 parishioners; many of whom have immigrated from several parts of the world. Most of them come from common wealth countries, Ireland and Western Europe. There are a good number of Christian, Jewish and Muslim churches in Islington but the Roman Catholic Churches are apparently the best attended.