Sr. Docilia Pizzaro FSP

Like sheep Without a Sheep

By: Sr. Docilia Pizzaro, FSP

The Birth of an Idea
Since last year, we the Filipinos working in Lahore, have gathered every two months. Fr. Pat Raleigh, a Columban, initiated this apostolate. In his going about, he used to meet Filipinos every now and then. So, he got the idea of gathering, asking where they live etc. Fr. Pat is a great friend of our community, he spoke to me and to one FMM, a Filipino too and one missionary of Charity (Mother Teresa) a Filipino, plus three Pinoys Columban lay missionary. He said, we must meet one day, and see if we can organize and gather these people for a Sunday mass and offer the chance of meeting each other.

Take My Daughter

By Sister Docilia Pizzaro, FSP
A Filipino Missionary

Pakistan is South Asian nation with over 100 million people. The land has a history of civilization at least 2,300 years old, but Pakistan as a nation is just 42 years old. Catholics comprise about one half of one percent of Pakistanis.


In those days when videos were not yet in circulation and film- shows were still in demand, we arranged to visit that ‘basti’ (barrio) of Quetta in Baluchistan with our film, “ Sacrifice of Isaac.