Sr. Eva N. Calingo CM

Who Has Time For The Young?

By Sr. Eva N. Calingo, CM

I Miss my Previous Work

Never had I thought of being sent her to Salamanca, Spain. For some months now I sit down day after day learning the Spanish language. I miss the active apostolate that I was involved in before: the soul-searching and far reaching questions and life testimonies of the prisoners where I worked; the joy and laughter, and the simple but difficult-to-answer question in the school; the hopeful but pain-filled look in the eyes of the street children; and the seemingly monotonous but very challenging work in the handicrafts center. But then life here in Spain opened to me the door that leads to yet another world I did not expect to experience –the world of some young people from all over Europe and a few from Japan – that of my classmates in the intensive language courses.