Sr. Fidelis Jardiel OSB

Letter from Kenya

By Sr. Fidelis Jardiel OSB

This is a letter from a Filipino missionary, Sr. Fidelis Jardiel OSB, who works in Nairobi, Africa. Her picture is on the cover this month. Would you like to drop her a line?

Dear Fr. Dom,

Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya. The enclosed photo was taken in the Lerio Valley where the Pokot and Marakwet tribes live. Actually, this photo was taken when I was once for holidays in the valley. These are two Pokot women and a baby we met while visiting some of them who lived nearby. The Pokots are a nomadic tribe, who speak only their own tribal language, very poor and l live in the bush. In the photo, one sees that language is not a barrier when we speak the language of love especially, when we reach out to others and make them feel accepted. The mama of the baby is delighted and full of joy when I myself feel joy in carrying her baby. I think this is a good catechesis in bringing people together, that are brothers and sisters, and that we have on Father, the God who loves us immensely.