Sr. Georgina Delgado op

We Lepers

By Sr. Georgina Delgado op

Blessed Damien De Veuster, SS.CC.

Born               : January 3, 1840
Died                : April 15, 1889
Feast Day       : May 10

Molokai, known as the leper colony island of Hawaii, is located west of Maui, the island where I am presently stationed.

Since I first came here to Hawaii in 1982, I have been keeping this secret desire in my heart to see Father Damien’s grave and the place were he demonstrated the greatest act of love. My opportunity came when hundreds of people from other islands, the mainland and even Europe gathered in Molokai to celebrate the interment of Blessed Damien’s relics. But first let me tell you about Blessed Damien.

Damien De Veuster, a young Belgian priest, had served nine years as a missioner in the Hawaiian Islands when he felt called to request a perilous assignment. He asked his superiors that he be allowed to serve on the island of Molokai, the notorious leper colony.