Sr. Janice McLaughlin MM

Hope...amid Tears

By Sr. Janice McLaughlin, mm

Maryknoll Sisters see peace building at heart of their service to the people of East Timor.

East Timor’s Bishops Carlos Ximenes Belo issued an SOS for his people, and Maryknoll Sister’s responded, four missionaries now one a Filipino, serve in this “land of tears.”

The Gods Must Be Crazy

By Sr. Janice McLaughlin MM

Who can forget the marvelous movie THE GOD MUST BE CRAZY? It featured the so-called Bushmen of Southern Africa. As we learn from this article, their real name is the San people and many of them live in Namibia where Sr. Imelda Bautista works alongside her Maryknoll companions.

German Colony

Sr Imelda Bautista (right) coordinates education in Namibia's 
48 Catholic Schools.

Apostles to a Martyred Land

By Janice McLaughlin, MM

Three Maryknoll Sisters arrived in Albania to begin the congregation’s first mission outreach to Eastern Europe. Sisters Winifred O’Donnell, Vivian Vortuba and Lourdes Fernandez are following the footsteps of St. Paul, the first apostle to Illyricum, as Albania was known in early days of the Church.
(Romans 15:19).

The poorest country in Europe, Albania, suffered immense deprivation under one of the world’s harshest communist regimes. All religions were banned under President Enver Hoxha, who declared Albania the world’s first officially atheist state. All but 29 of the country’s 195 Catholics priests were executed or died in prison; church buildings were turned into theaters and sports places; clergy and religious could not be trained or function in any public way.