Sr. Jazmin Peralta ssc

Room For One More At The Table Of Life

By Sr. Jazmin Peralta ssc

The new family life poster that came recently was very good and meaningful. It is really captured what every little helpless human being inside the womb of all expectant mothers would wish to say: “Mom, I too want a birthday.” I could imagine how that tiny, little creature would hope to see the light of day and celebrate a birthday.

Will you Cry When I Die?

By: Jasmin Peralta, SSC

Sr. Jasmin is a Filipino sister who is on mission with the Columbans in Chunchon, Korea. Here she tells of her life “accompanying” the sick and dying on their journey. She does this through her special connection with the Hospice.

Hospice for the Dying
When I first came to join the hospice team in St. Columban’s Clinic in Chunchon last April, our two paid nurses kidded me about taking the night calls when the sisters in charge is away. I firmly told them that I would not, besides not being trained in the medical field, I can’t bring them back to life if ever they die.

And God said, ‘Mulon I Ji Jaz

By: Sr. Jasmin Peralta, SSC

Jasmin Peralta is a young Columban Sister in Korea.

Here she describes some of her “teething” problems.

Humiliated and Frustrated
I never felt humiliated and frustrated in all my life until I came to study “hangu mal” Korean. Every time my teacher talked to me I heard nothing and understood nothing. All I could do was to keep guessing the meaning of the sounds and most of time I guessed wrong! Indeed, language study id draining. I would come home from school dead tired.

Maybe They’ll Laugh at Me