Sr. Jeanette Matela SSpS

Ask No Questions

By Sr. Jeanette Matela, SSpS

Happy Mistakes

I wanted to join the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary because my cousin who was with them was sent to Africa. But my spiritual director –an SVD – by mistake dropped my letter expressing my desire to enter the convent in the Holy Spirit convent Quezon City instead of the FMM convent in Tagaytay. When the reply and application forms came from the SSpS sister, I was surprised. I did not want to join them because I already knew them. I had been working as secretary to Mother Fidentina, SSpS, Principal of the Girls High School, University of San Carlos, Cebu City. Anyway I filled up the form and mailed it back to them. And the rest is history. I have no regrets.

Buying a Bride

Sr. Mary Jeanette Matela, a Hoy Spirit Sister who works in Papua New Guinea, focuses on a custom degrading to women which she and her community are hoping to change.

On my way to the convent after my 12:30 P.M. class, I met Marylyn.

Pidgin Talk
Have you eaten yet, Marylyn?” I asked her in Pidgin English. “Ya sista, mi kaikai pinis. Lukim!” (Yes, Sister, I have already eaten. Look!) she replied showing her tummy. Nau yu mas slip, malolo liklik na bai yu kamap bikpela meri,” (Now you must sleep, rest a little and you will grow big) I suggested to her. Without hesitation Marylyn replied, “Tiam mi kanap bikpela, daddy bilong mi bai I baim mi.” (When I become ready for marriage my daddy will sell me for my bride –prize)