Sr. Josefina Evidente DC

Forbidden Isle

By Josefina Evidente, DC

I am Sr. Josefina Evidente, a Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. I am working with three other Daughters of Charity, (one American, and two Filipinos) in this tiny island of Quemoy or Kinmen. Since this is a strategic place and because of the tensions between the two Chinas I have to limit my description of this beautiful mission to our apostolate here.

The camel and the eye of the needle problem of wealth in Taiwan

By: Sr. Josephine Evident, DC

30 Years Ago
I came here thirty years ago on last, 1960 when Taiwan was still an agricultural country with mud houses even in the suburbs of Taipei. People farmed with primitive means of cultivation and their produce was not of good quality. Everything was of miniature size like fruits and vegetables and they used human waste for fertilizers which polluted the whole vicinity.