Sr. Marie Madeline ocd

Home At Last

By Sr. Marie Madeline ocd

Some years ago the Carmelites of the Philippines decided to send a missionary team to Ghana, Africa, carrying on them missionary spirit of St. Therese as their response to the Pope’s call in 1981 when he visited the Philippines that more Filipino Catholics serve in Africa. In 1998, after a year’s preparation in which they lived together as a community, a group of young sisters set out for the long journey to Africa along with her mother superior, Sister Marie Madeline. Luckily they had a guardian angel, Father Charles, and many other angels on their way. Here is an extract from Sr. Madeline story of how she accompanied this new group of contemplative nuns bravely setting out for Africa at a time when Africa, contorted with war and famine, is no picnic. We apologize for cutting down Sisters beautiful article in which she thanked so many people but space only allows us the following. One their way to Africa they stopped in Rome and actually met the Holy Father and got a special blessing from him. From Rome the Sisters set off for Africa. (Ed)