Sr. Maryanne Terrenol RGS

Matchmaking Is An Art

By Sister Maryanne Terrenal, RGS

I am a Filipina Good Shepherd sister living in Korea. We Good Shepherd Sisters, as everybody knows, try to help girls and young women rejected by society. Here in Korea, we have two homes for those who have not only received rejection from society at large but from their very own families, too. One of the problems that arises is, the absence of parents who will marry them off. On the other hand, we receive many requests from eligible bachelors who do not mind what kind of girl one has been as long as she is willing to live in the countryside. For here, as elsewhere the city is thought to be the best place to be in. so I decided to try my luck at “chungmeh”.

A tale of Two Cities

By: Sr. Maryanne Terrenal

South America & Korea
One of these cities is Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The other city is a not too well- known city in the middle of the South American continent. A pretty lass had lived all her twenty two years of life in this South American city when by force of circumstances she found herself in Seoul.

“Go to Joseph”

By Sr. Mary Anne Terrenal, RGS

Sr. Mary Anne Terrenal is a Good Shepherd sister working with needy girls and women in Seoul, South Korea.

First Joseph
In the most Catholic Churches in Europe and America and even in my own country, the Philippines, there is prominent statue of St. Joseph, the fosterfather of Jesus Christ. The inscription underneath is usually “Go to Joseph.”

We Catholics go to St. Joseph for our material and spiritual needs of the Holy Family here on earth will aid us who call on him for help. We also pray to St. Joseph to obtain for us the Grace of a happy death, like his own, in the warm presence of Jesus and His Virgin –Mother.

Heaven Seventeen

By Sr. Maryanne Terrenol, RGS

If you get to heaven before I do, please call in on Heaven Seventeen and give my love to Yang Jin-Rose Virginia Kim- a lovely white rose that decked our Korean Good Shepherd garden for a few beautiful years.

Jesus said that in His Father’s House there are many mansions. I have chosen to name Yang Jin’s mansion “Heaven Seventeen”- because the first time I met her when she was Seventeen; her entrance go heaven was March 17 she died on floor 17 on  Han Yang University Hospital. I’m sure she lives in Heaven 17!