Sr. Mercedes Yañez rvm

My Last Dance With You

By Sr. Mercedes Yañez, rvm

I live in an old people’s house in Italy. The ‘olds’ love to dance, to chat, to take a walk as they wait for their last moment to part from this world. Our main activity here in Casa di Riposo with the old people is journeying with them, listening to all their tales of past successes and failures, health problems and aspirations.

One Last Party

So, in between my work in the office as the directress of Casa di Riposo, I find the time to be present to them. Every month we have a day to celebrate their birthdays. It’s a day they always look forward to – a toast of champagne, a gift, a cake to sliced and shared, and most especially a special dance for each celebrant! So on this occasion I try my lost tango, waltz, cha-cha, lambada. Sometimes one dies on the very same night after the birthday party, and then we are left with the memory of that last dance.

Please Dance at My Funeral

By : Sr. Maria Mercedes Yañez, RVM

I am Sr. Maria Mercedes Yañez, an RVM sister working here in Ghana since 1984. I am from Salcedo Eastern Samar, Philippines. I am thirty six years old now. I am the hospital administrator here in St. Theresa’s Hospital, Nkoranza – a district of Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. There are one hundred fifty thousand people in the whole district. We have many AIDS patients here, most of them are from Ivory Coast, a French/African border state which is an eight hour drive from where I work. Hospital work is fulfilling. I feel myself to be a wounded healer! Life here is extremely fulfilling. I live daily filled to the brim with gratefulness for what God has given me.