Sr Pilar Verzosa RGS

Just For Youth: Cell Phone

By: Sr Pilar Verzosa RGS

I love my cell phone. I enjoy texting. I don’t know what I will do if I lose this cell phone. That could instantly stop my communications and at this point, that is how I mainly keep in touch with my family, the staff I work with in our organization, our hundreds of contacts (yes, my phonebook can carry a thousand names) and the nuns – most of them, even our 82-year-old Sister, have a cell phone now.I text fast, especially when I put it in the dictionary mode. I am awed at how the right word comes out and tells you if your spelling is wrong. I don’t care too much about using text language. Sometimes, I can hardly understand messages that come into my unit: FYI / BTW/ GB / TYVM. Or: ‘Gdpm,Sr. pwd b mgtn0ng?ksi po d n sumsagt bf k s mga txt ko. May ngyri samn n0ng 1 gabi. Sb nya mahal nya k0 pr0 bkit d sya sa2got? An0po ga2wn ko?’ Although I am learning how to read them now. And starting to txt that way too! . . .You see, I don’t only own a Communicator . . . I am also a COMMUNICATOR! I am a writer, lecturer, a radio announcer and a TV host. I have been writing for our school organ since high school and until now I submit articles to magazines, newspapers, and lately to websites. I conduct seminars on health, values education (especially for teens and their teachers), responsible parenthood lectures to couples in urban poor communities, and talk at international pro-life conferences . . .

Love Slays Evil

By Sr. Pilar Verzosa, rgs

Ester’s Story

When Ester’s parents learned of her pregnancy, they wasted no time in decreeing that she be locked up in her bedroom with neither visitors nor callers allowed and with the ready tale that she had ovarian cyst. That was to explain the bulging tummy at the start. She was a prisoner in her own room. But more than the four walls which kept her, a chain of bigger yet unseen things kept her I bondage.

Many Chains

Her parents were horrified of what their friends and relatives would think if they found out that their 23-year-old single daughter was pregnant. That was the chain of pride. Hence, the concocted story that she was sick. The chain of deception, unable to face the responsibility of having a child and the ire of his girlfriend’s parents, Ester’s boyfriend left her soon enough. The chain of betrayal. What was to happen to her and to her baby? What future would they both have? The chain of anxiety. And finally, with the world closing in on her and nothing at all left in her control, Ester thought she would do well to kill herself. The chain of despair. Chain after chain locked as the weeks turned into months.

The Angels Weep

By Sr. Pilar Verzosa, RGS

Jesus said, “Their angels see the grace of God” to emphasize the sacredness of children. However, these angels weep when they see the horrors of child abuse so common today. Maybe it was happening all along and we just didn’t know about it. Sr. Pilar Verzosa of the Good Shepherd Sisters tells us how Welcome House and the RGS Sisters are trying to help.

The phone rang at 9:00 pm. A small quivering voice asked, “Is this K-Love Radio?” “No” I said, “This is Welcome House.” The female voice spoke again, “I was listening to the radio and the announcer said I can call this number if I needed help.” Yes, we are here to help. You seem to have a problem. Do you want to tell me about it? I am Sr. Pilar. I’m a Good Shepherd sister and I am a nurse.” The connection was made.