Sr Rosalinda C. Gonzales MMM

Night Of Terror

By Sr. Rosalinda Gonzales, mmm

Sr. Rosalinda is a missionary doctor who has been working in Tanzania for many years now. Together with her fellow Sister nurses and doctors, they run the Kabanga Hospital mostly overflowing with refugees – one of the perennial concerns of Africa. Here she tells us of a night of terror when armed robbers broke in into their convent.

He Waits In Silence

By Sr. Rosalinda Gonzales mmm

I saw him
Lying in his bed in the Lower Block at Kabanga Hospital...

He is 24 years old
No family...
All were killed during the atrocities in Burundi.

He managed to escape
to freedom...
to Tanzania.

Any Filipino Doctors Listening?

By Sr. Rosalinda Gonzales, mmm

Sr. Rosalinda recalls her trip back to Africa where she is the only Filipino in an Irish Congregation of Sister Doctors.

My last holiday home to the Philippines was a great relief and a great rest but then the hour came to return to Africa. To be honest, I literally dragged myself to pack up my bags to travel back to Africa. I didn’t realize until then that I was spent and tired. It was difficult leaving home again now that I have only my remaining sisters Eulenia and Angeline. Papa was called to his ‘final home’ since my last home leave. Long before that was Mama, followed later by my brother Ruben. As Eulenia said, we will be three years older on our next reunion.

With the new set-up at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), my sisters had to leave shortly after seeing me off at the departure gate.

I boarded the British Airways (BA) flight to London Heathrow Airport and even before reaching Hongkong, the first stop-over, I was already feeling homesick. I prayed the Rosary and feel asleep most of the time during the journey to London.

The Crate Of Beer

By Sr. Rosalinda Gonzales, mmm

Sr. Rosalinda is the only Filipino member of the Medical Missionaries of Mary. She is looking after the Kabanga Hospital, much overcrowded since the war in Rwanda. Here she shares with us the heartaches and joys of keeping it all going for them.

I owe you a crate of beer,” Mr. Wim Piels announced when I met him. I was at the Diocesan Development Office at the Bishop’s compound in Kigoma one day in August last year when I literally bumped into Mr. Wim. He is the consultant for Caritas/Memisa (Netherlands) and was visiting the Diocesan Development Office which is under the support of Caritas.

Farewell Papa a tribute to my Father

Mr. Teodoro Torres Gonzales
(August 2, 1913 – February 16, 1993)

By: Sr. Rosalinda Gonzales

What Will my Father Think?
When I enter the Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM) in 1983, my father thought that I came to Ireland in order to do further Medical training. I requested my younger sister Angeline to encourage Papa to attend Charismatic Prayer Meetings so that he will be open to the Holy Spirit when the time comes for him to know that what I was really doing was Religious training.

Return from Makaungu

By: Sr. Rosalinda Gonzales, MMM

Sr. Rosalinda Gonzales, a Medical doctor and the only Filipina member of the Medical Missionaries of Mary tells us of her journey back to Tanzania, Africa after a very special visit at home.

Saying Goodbye
Returning to the mission after my recent holiday in the Philippines was like leaving one home for another. The loneliness of separation from my family and friends was replaced with the joy of reunion with my Religious Community. It is God’s grace I must say.

Hope Shines in Tanzania

By Sr. Rosalinda Gonzales, MMM

Sr. Rosalinda first met the Medical Missionaries of Mary when she worked as a lay doctor in Nigeria, West Africa. She is at present the Filipino member of this International missionary congregation founded in Drogheda, Ireland.

Study the Language
I was missioned to Tanzania in 1986. After finishing six months language course I was assigned to work in Makiungo Hospital.