Sr. Socorro Gumnad mic

Viva Bolivia

By Sr. Socorro Gumnad, mic

Filipino Sister Socorro Gumnad, mic is a happy to accompany a delegation of 90 Bolivians to a huge mission congress in Brazil. This congress took place in Belo Horizonte. In the photos we learn about the congress and how it helped to animate and encourage mission awareness especially the Basic Christian Communities. Two thousands seven hundred delegates from 41 countries gathered to discuss the role of Latin America in the missionary activity of our Church.

Viva Bolovia

By Sr. Socorro Gumnad, MIC

Here are some of the photos taken during our National Teachers Day in Bolivia.

I am with two Grade 1 students and the mother of the girl dressed in black at the gate of the rural school. The boy wearing his apron at my right came to tell me tat he is participating in the acto civixo program to honor the teachers. All primary students wear apron in school.