Sr. Teresita Bernad SSC

Spring Water in Barren Hills

By Sr. Teresita Bernad, SSC

Huavina, one of a cluster of small pueblos among the hills of Iquique in Chile, never had a source of water. Water was brought to them by truck.


One day they got electrifying news: a spring had been discovered in one of the valleys. If channeled it could bring water to Huavina. So the people started to work at once, and of course, they had to begin with a blessing. They invite Sr. Kathleen, who in turn brought Sonia (one of the our co-workers) and me along.

Sacraments are a door into the mystery of God

By: Teresita Bernad, MSSC

Sr. Teresita Bernad is a Filipino Columban Sister from Ozamis, Mindanao. She tells us here two little stories about the dignity of every single human being and their longing to step into Mystery of god. For Irma and Luisa Sacraments are the door into this mystery.

The Dragon’s Tail
The City of Iquique, where I am stationed, is in the northernmost part of Chile, in the province of Tarapaca. The northern part of Chile is a desert. Iquique is situated between the vast Pacific Ocean on one on one side of the desert hills on the other. One of the hills, the Cerro Dragon, is so named because it is shaped like a dragon with its tail reaching down to the edge of the city. One would imagine the desert to be the most boring sight to see, but I have traveled across the desert several times with the Sisters on our way to the pueblos, and the scenery is spectacular. The mountains are of varying height and shape with different shades of brown; others are greenish, blue or red, depending upon the mineral deposit.