Sr. Veronica Origenes OSB

A Human Volcano?

By: Sr. Veronica Origenes, OSB

Cooler Than Baguio
Through Kenya sits in the Equator. Nairobi, its capital city is naturally air-conditioned. Mount Kenya, the sacred mountain of the Kikuyu people is snow capped all year around. So all the surrounding areas are cool, cooler than Baguio.

O for the Aguinaldos

By Sr. Veronica Origenes
Nairobi, Kenya

Dear, Fr. O’Brien,

Today, the Aguinaldo Masses start in our beloved Philippines. May the timeless message of Christmas (LOVE, JOY, and PEACE) bring you happiness all through the years.

This is a very late response to your appeal. Sorry for the delay: too few workers and the apostolate is vast.