Sr. Virgie Mozo SSC

Missionaries Too Need Renewal

By Sr. Virgie Mozo

Returning missionaries need time to digest and process their recent cross-cultural experiences. They also need time for prayer and renewal. The Balikbayan Missionary Program of the Society of Divine Word offers just this. Sr. Virgie Mozo sent us photos to encourage us to attend.

Our Youth Our Future

By Sr. Virgie Mozo

Sr. Virgie Mozo arrived in Chile in 1989. After a few years, she was assigned to Lancoche which is peopled by the Mapuchi race. There is a great lack of pastors so she joined a summer team to set up some Basic Christian Communities.

I was invited to be a part of a summer mission team in Loncuimay through Mirta Urra, a lay missionary from Lancoche and two other youth who are in the group of Jovenes Sin Fronteres (the Missionary Youth Group) of the parish of which I am the coordinator.

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

By: Sr. Virgie Mozo, SSC

New Mission
Sr. Catherine Hurley and I arrived in Loncoche in March of last year to open a new mission in this Southern part of Chile. Locoche is a Mapuche word that means, “head of the people.” There are large industries in this area: Lonco Leche, a dairy milk plant, supplying milk for the north and south of Chile; Fourcade, an expert furniture factory and Tecno Frio, a raspberry and asparagus farming and food processing industry.

Days in the Desert

By: Sr. Virgie Mozo

Sr. Virgie Mozo goes into the desert to prepare for her final profession. There she finds herself and finds God-she also finds that the people have no priest and have joined other faiths.

Special Preparation
Part of my formation as a junior sister before making final commitment is to have approximately two months of special spiritual preparation before the final profession. As I’m working  in a ‘poblacion’ with different groups such Basic Christian Communities of women, men, and children I asked Sister Ita McElwain, who is my companion on my journey in religious life, that I would withdraw from actual participation during this period of preparation I would go into the desert.