Sr. Walfridis SSpS

All my Yesterdays

By Sr. Walfridis, SSpS

Sr. Walfridis, SSpS has been a missionary in Papua New Guinea for nearly half a century. She is now long past the retiring age but still serves joyfully in the vocation she choose so many years ago. It is very clear that Our Lord’s promise has been fulfilled in her. “Live on in my love... that my joy may be complete.”(John 9 - 11)

I am now a retiree here in our retiree here in our Retirement House. I am cooped up and no longer in circulation especially now that I am half blind due to glaucoma. Two years ago I used to drive to Kefamo every Saturday for my Legion of Mary meetings, but now I cannot drive anymore. I also used to have my little garden as my OT (Occupational Therapy) where I could putter around whenever I liked and plant whatever I liked, but now I have to let it go for I can no longer distinguish between plants and weeds. Since I can no longer read nor sing, the Lord has been good to give me another OT – playing the organ by ear for I cannot see the notes anymore and improvise the accompaniment, I play from 4-5 in the afternoon everyday and from 5-6 we retirees have adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.

A Tiny Something Of Myself

By Sr. Walfridis, SSpS

Before I posted to Papua New Guinea in 1592, I taught in our college in Manila. When I received my mission appointment, I thought to myself, now I will really taste some bush mission work. But, to my disappointment, I landed in a school catechists the week I arrived.

But Every Thursday morning (our free day instead of Saturday) I went to Kananam, a nearby village, for religious instruction. When the sea was calm, I went by a small canoe and when the sea is rough, by push-bike.