Sr. Xavier Marie Bual spc

Our Bodies Across The Road

By Sr. Xavier Marie Bual, spc

Lanao del Sur, Which holds the beautiful Lake Lanao that empties to the North through Lanao del Norte at the majestic Maria Cristina Falls, is the main source of electricity for most of Mindanao, generated by the falls’ hydroelectric power plant managed by NAPOCOR. Lake Lanao is surrounded by untouched forest to the east, south and west. The southern area extends its forest far to the south of the province near the boundary of North Cotabato particularly the mountains of Wao which is the last municipality of Lanao del Sur. The main product of the area is corn, planted on rolling hills extending beyond the boundary to North Cotabato. Their area used to be covered with thick forest. The loggings companies cut these forests, built the roads and connected the small towns of Bukidnon, Lanao del Sur and North Cotabato. There is no road that cuts through the forest around Lake Lanao. This is precisely to protect the watershed of Lake Lanao.

On the Mission in the Emerald Isle

By: Sr. Marcelle Bual, SPC

Sr. Marcelle Therese Bual was born in Bukidnon, Mindanao where her father farmed. She went to school in Xavier College Cagayan de Oro where she took Accounting, Later she joined the St. Paul Sisters and was sent on mission to Nazareth in the Holy Land. From there she transferred to their mission in Ireland.
It is three years now since I came to Dublin, Ireland in 1991. many things have happened since then joys and sorrows, loneliness and friendships, bitter cols weather and pleasant sunny days, and other experiences, positive and negative in nature... as is always so in any normal life.