Violeta Villaraiz

Four Seasons

By Violeta V. ‘Villaraiz

The author is a Columban lay missionary from Manila working in Korea. She spent some time before in Cameroon as an Assumption Volunteer and first appeared in Misyon while there.

“…each of the four seasons is a growing season of the heart. If you sink your roots deeply into the soil of each season’s truth, it can become your mentor.” (Macrina Wiederkehr OSB)

Trying to write something about my missionary journey of almost two years here in Korea as a Columban Lay Missionary is like my first experience of the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Bismillah (In The Name Of God)

By: Violeta Villaraiz

Violie had an article in Misyon before about her experience as an Assumption Volunteer in Cameroon. She went to Korea in April as a Columban lay missionary.

Part of my Mission Orientation Program as a trainee Columban lay missionary was the ‘Mindanao Exposure’ when our team, ‘RP 16’, experienced different programs and activities of the Church there. These included Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) and the involvement of Columbans in different areas. This is my reflection on our Interfaith Dialogue of Life in Marawi with our Maranao Muslim brothers and sisters.