A saint from Carcar, Cebu?

Cebuanos push for Camomot’s beatification

Published Date: January 5, 2011

Archbishop Teofilo Bastida Camomot (3 March 1914 - 27 September 1988)


CathNews Philippines carries this report today:

THE Cebu archdiocese has formed a panel to push for the beatification of Monsignor Teofilo Camomot, a native of Carcar town who was known for his service and generosity to the poor.

Claims of miracles attributed to Monsignor Camomot circulated after he was reportedly seen in two different places while he was still serving the clergy of Cebu.

Monsignor Camomot, 74, died in a road accident on Sept. 27, 1988, on his way home to Carcar.

Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal formed the commission to look into the possibility of beatification last Dec. 27. Members of the commission are retired Bishop Antonio Ranola, Monsignor Dennis Villarojo, Monsignor Raul Go, Rev. Jasper John Petralba, and Trinidad Calleno.

Report from Inquirer.Net.


Your editor met Archbishop Camomot the day he died at a lunch in San Carlos Major Seminary, Cebu City, for the feast of St Vincent de Paul, the founder of the Vincentians, some of whom were still on the seminary staff. Though Cardinal Vidal invited him to take a rest after lunch, the archbishop insisted on going home to Carcar, an hour's drive, or a little longer, south of Cebu City. He had a driver but the car crashed and the archbishop died instantly. His funeral in Carcar had a huge turnout.

Funeral of Archbishop Camomot

There were many stories about the Archbishop's Francisan-like poverty. Cardinal Vidal told me that on one occasion he noticed that Archbishop Camomot wasn't wearing his pectoral cross, the cross that a bishop wears on his breast. Curious, he asked Monsignor Camomot about it. He made some excuse. later a priest told the Cardinal that the Archbishop had pawned his cross to give some money to the poor. The Cardinal later gave him a new cross and told him not to give it away.

Another bishop told me some stories of bi-location that he had heard, mentioned in the report. There are such stories about a number of saints who were seen by different people in different places at the same time. But what came through to me in all the stories I heard was the this bishop was a truly saintly man, a simple man like Jesus of Nazareth.


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