Our Hideaway

By Bernadette Pattugalan

The author is now in Fourth Year high school at St Scholastica’s College, Manila.

We had our class outreach in Pandacan, Manila, a squatters’ area where the houses are beside the railroad. I really didn’t know what to expect when we were going there. When we got off the jeepney, children came and greeted us.

They brought us on a tour around the place. While we were touring, a train was coming our direction. I felt its rush and roar, just a feet away from me. I realized at that moment the danger it could bring. I also asked myself, ‘Of all places, why build a house beside a railroad?’


By Cris Evert Berdin Lato

The author is in third year at the University of the Philippines, Cebu College, taking a BA in Mass Communication. She’s also active in Youth for Christ.

Imagine a world where no human exists. Animals and plants are there, the wind blows and rivers keep on flowing. Trees bear fruit and the sea continues to produce fish; yet no man exists. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west without catching a glimpse of a single individual. Now if we will try to go back to reality, nature still continues the same routine with the presence of one being - man. Everything is turning out fine without man, but we often find ourselves asking, ‘Why does man exist?’ Man came into this world and destroyed the blissful world God created. If this is so, why did God create man?

By Regina Fabularum

Regina Fabularum is a student at St Scholastica's College, Manila.

Searching for a Best Friend

Since I started studying at SSC, I’ve been searching for a ‘best friend,’ meaning … a person who would always be there for me especially when I’d have problems, who would accept me for who I am, who would listen to my stories truthfully, who would make me happy if I was in a bad mood, who would guide and protect me from danger, who would understand my feelings and who would love me. I might have had friends, but not the kind of friend I was looking for.

I know what my plans for you are’

By Lester Alamares

Lester Alamares, a teacher, is a former seminarian with the Columbans.

In high school, I heard many stories from my teacher about ordinary people making a big difference in the lives of others. These stories so inspired me that I wished that someday I, too, would make a difference in the lives of other people.


By Janelle Darien Tan

This year I turned 13.  I am now at the threshold of my teen-age life.  Gone are the days of my childhood when everything in my life depended on my mom and the people around me.

Now things are different.  Aside form the physical changes, I am given more freedom to decide on things affecting myself.  I am free to choose my friends, what to wear and where to go.  Of course my mom and my siblings give advises but it is me who ultimately decides.  I know that with this freedom comes responsibility, so much so that at times I am afraid to make decisions because sometimes I still am afraid to face the consequences of my actions.  I am still a neophyte in these things.

Our Hideaway is a venue for the youth to express themselves and to share with our readers their mind, their heart and their soul.


By Mark Agustin Barcebal

Near Sta Ana Church in Davao I saw a father holding his daughter’s hand, both happily walking towards the church. Suddenly, the girl stumbled and her father asked, ‘Ba’t ka bumitaw?’ The girl answered, ‘Nahulog kasi ang laruan ko.’ The man picked up his little daughter and they went inside the church.


By Aida P. Lucasan

In complicated situations, we sometimes find it hard to let things go back to normal. We often just say,‘katalaka,’ and aren’t inspired to face life, which we think is a continuous and never ending heavy load. If we only try to recall and appreciate the best things that have happened in our lives, we can keep on moving forward. We can make our best efforts to help others as we serve God wholeheartedly. But most of us find ourselves looking back because we keep on recalling the trials and troubles we’ve experienced, resulting in self-pity instead of self-esteem.

Life and Death

Have you ever wondered what it would be like spending life with the dead and yet being unafraid?

Friend to the mourners

I know a man who lives just like that most of the time. His name is Kalis. He’s a friend to embalmers, to those who arrange flowers for funerals and to newly-bereaved families. His town folks know him well even though he’s seldom seen on festive occasions such as weddings and birthdays. Ask anyone where he is and the answer will always be the same: ‘Kung saan merong patay, siguradong nandoon yan!’ And what is he doing? Chances are, you’ll find him helping the mourning family, doing errands, teasing the teenage boys or being teased by them, talking about things that would make your head spin in confusion and making you laugh. Kalis, who has a mental disability, could drive you crazy at times.

A Step Forward

By Apryl Gretchen Cofin

When I was young, my mom brought me to Mass every Sunday, though I didn’t know what was going on. During my elementary days, I sometimes felt forced by her to go. Because Mom was a catechist I felt very ashamed if we, her own family, didn’t attend any church activities.  Maybe that’s why I went every Sunday without conviction and didn’t pray sincerely.

Our Hideaway is a venue for the youth to express themselves and to share with our readers their mind, their heart and their soul.


  By Ann-Ann Gerong

People say that what you are now is what you were before. Based on experiences that molded me and influenced my behavior, I agree.

How I knew Lolo

One of my memorable experiences was when I was still a little child. We were living with my grandparents. I’ve lots of fond memories especially from the time when my grandfather was still alive. He was my ever-dearest grandfather, especially since he was the only one I knew. My maternal grandfather died when my mother was still in college. My grandfather’s name was Rafael or ‘Paeng’ to relatives and his many close friends, mostly teachers and men in politics. He was a man of integrity whom many went to for advice. He was retired and in his late 80s when I became old enough to know him.