Sr. Josefina Santos SPC

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Sister Josefina Santos, spc (extreme left) with her companions in Hong Kong

By Sr. Josefina Santos SPC

I grew up in the lovely island of Culion. One day I strayed and found myself in unfamiliar territory walking along a river bank. Because most of the stones were big and slippery I had to walk slowly and with great difficulty so as not to fall. From time to time there were huge boulders, wild bushes, and twisted branches of trees blocking my way. All these obstacles however did not deter me from pursuing what I had set out for – to find the church.

Whiter China

By Sr. Josefina Santos, SPC

A Filipino Sister makes a pilgrimage to China and reports on the difficult situation of the divided Church.

No in my dreams did I ever imagine myself walking on Chinese soil. If someone had told me when I was a child that I would one day see China. I would have said. “You must be joking.” And yet this impossibility became a reality on August 21, 1996 when I set foot in Beijing, the heart of China, with a group of 53 parishioners of St. Margaret’s Church.