Welcome to The Pilgrims’ Inn

‘Dear young people,

Let me now ask you a question. What will you leave to the next generation? Are you building your lives on firm foundations, building something that will endure? Are you living your lives in a way that opens up space for the Spirit in the midst of a world that wants to forget God, or even rejects him in the name of a falsely-conceived freedom? How are you using the gifts you have been given, the “power” which the Holy Spirit is even now prepared to release within you? What legacy will you leave to young people yet to come? What difference will you make?’

Benedict XVI asked these questions at the closing Mass of World Youth Day on 20 July. Sydney was his ‘Pilgrims’ Inn’ for six days with young pilgrims from all over the world. Our Pilgrims’ Inn is open 24/7. Together there, by opening up space for the Holy Spirit, we can allow the Pope’s challenge to touch our hearts and answer with our lives.