A Thousand Words

By Lucille Arcedas

I had always wanted to make a comment on the article What’s in a Photo but I find myself incapable of doing a just description of it. I’m glad that Richelle Verdeprado and Joy Rile made impressive comments about it. On the picture after it, I’m also delighted to see Fr Leo Donnelly with some of his parishioners. Their smiles are vibrant and speak of a great community life with their pastor. Marife Padao’s photos are also striking as she describes the fulfillment of her dreams. Fr Gary Walker has collected gorgeous smiles of people who find refuge in each other’s presence. Interfaith dialogue and peaceful coexistence are depicted by Corazon Mendoza’s pictures; my spirit of patriotism has been enkindled by Gelkoff Calmerin’s pictures by the presence of our flag while Alma Pangsiw's picture (Our Hideaway) really left a mark on me.

I enjoy taking pictures. I post lots of them on my Friendster. This new habit just occurred when I arrived here probably because I will be spending a short time and I want to keep my memories intact. But beyond remembrance, I never thought that taking pictures can lead to friendships. When I attended a three-day intensive course, I took our group and class picture then sent them to my classmates and teacher. I received responses that such simple action created a big impact to them.

More than just keeping memories, photos keep hearts together.

Lucille Arcedas, from Kabanakalan City, Negros Occidental, is studying at present at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. You may email Lucille at la252@cornell.edu .