July-August 2006

Pareng Rufus

By Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales

The author, after ten years as Archbishop of Lipa, his native diocese, was appointed Archbishop of Manila by Pope John Paul II on 15 September 2003 and created cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI on 24 March this year.

A young Bishop Rosales, seated, second from left, with Fr Bernard Jagueneau of the Little Brothers of Jesus. Far left, another close friend of Father Rufus

Presence Beyond Boundaries

By Joy Ampiloquio

This reflection is born from the writer’s experience of being in a multi-religious work context in Taiwan and journeying with young people who are searching for meaning in life. In many instances, students share that they feel so at home and able to open their hearts. The writer also has some Buddhist friends who marvel at the fact that a Catholic is willing to be nourished by their practice of meditation.

World Environment Day

By Father Sean McDonagh SSC

Fr Sean McDonagh, a Columban missionary priest who spent over 20 years working in the Philippines, reflects on the fact that few allude to the teachings of the late Pope John Paul II on the environment. The author, based in Ireland, has written extensively on ecology and religion. His latest book is The Death of Life: The Horror of Extinction, (Columba 2004). Claretian Communications Philippineswww.bible.claret.org , have published a number of his books.

‘Memoriatón’ For Reconciliation In Peru

By Father Chris Baker SSC

The author, ordained in 1950, is one of three Australian brothers who are Columban priests. His elder brother, Father Leo, was ordained in 1948 and is now retired in Australia after many years in Japan. His younger brother Patrick, ordained in 1962, is based in OzamizCity and is coordinator of the Columban Associate Priests’ Program in the Philippines.

Map of PERU

Dearest Father Seán,

Pax! Greetings to you and the wonderful staff of Misyon! You are really successful in inspiring a lot of people and I am one of them.

For the past few months I have been receiving the magazine and I am very glad to get it. Something struck me when I first read Misyon. My perspective changed a lot. Now, I am reading your magazine more for leisure rather than as a requirement. I found out that it is far better than reading secular magazines.

Homily At Funeral Of Fr Nery Lito Satur

By Bishop Gaudencio Rosales of Malaybalay

Father Nery Lito Satur, the young parish priest of Guinayoran, Valencia, Bukidnon, in the Diocese of Malaybalay, was murdered on 14 October 1991 in an ambush. It is believed that illegal loggers were behind this. He was one of 45 priests, deacons and local citizens deputized as forest officers by the Department of Environment and Resources to arrest illegal loggers. The then Bishop of Malaybalay, Gaudencio Rosales gave this homily at the funeral of Father Nery.

A Brother For Filipinos And The World

By Father Ramil R. Marcos

The late Pope John Paul II scheduled beatifications in Rome for 15 May 2005, Pentecost Sunday. He earned the reputation of being a saint-maker, beatifying and canonizing more holy men and women than all his predecessors. Some jeered at this practice, thinking that by increasingly adding to the roster of ‘blesseds’ and saints, he was trivializing the privilege once given strictly to very few.

Charles de Foucauld

Misadventure In PNG

By Sister Nellie L. Margate, OND

I still smile when I remember the reaction of the policemen seeing the contents of my bilum, a traditional PNG string bag, when I emptied it on top of the table in front of them all. It was a sunny Sunday morning. I and one of our sisters attended Mass at the University of Papua New Guinea. We were both in our best Sunday habit and after Mass decided to go to the parking lot between the PNG parliament and PNG Museum for my companion to hone her reversing and parallel parking skills before she’d start driving on the main roads.

Cardinal Rosales And Faith & Light

By Maggie Rivera

The author is the National Coordinator of Faith and Light Philippines. Faith and Light is a movement of communities made up of people with an intellectual disability, surrounded by family members and friends, who meet at least once a month to pray, share and celebrate the friendship of Jesus. There are twelve F&L communities in Metro Manila. www.foietlumiere.org is the website of Faith and Light International.

Faith and Light Philippines (F&L) is very blessed in having Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales, Archbishop of Manila, as its reference bishop. In spite of his very busy schedule, he finds time for us. He attends some of our meetings to be with and get to know the members of the community.

‘Forty shades of green’

By Joey Puerta

The author, on mission with the Redemptorists in Ireland, is from Bacolod City. The team at Scala where he works has strong Filipino connections as it includes Angie Escarsa, a Columban lay missionary from Olongapo, Father Pat Reynolds CSsR and Fr Dan Baragry CSsR, both of whom have worked in the Philippines. Two of Father Dan’s uncles, Columban Fathers Dan and the late Frank Baragry, worked for many years in Mindanao.

Timely Advice

by Nicholas Murray

It is amazing how a potentially disruptive incident can result in a learning experience both for students and teacher alike. My enlightenment came in an Oral English class towards the end of last semester. It came through the ringing of the ubiquitous mobile phone. Because of its disruptive effect I had previously banned it from my classes. Little did I realize then that one day it would bring me a timely message.

David was a twenty four-year-old student, one of four male students in a Freshman class of thirty. Most of his fellow students were in the 20 or 21 age bracket and I often wondered how he finished up in that class at all. Having been graded on the basis of their entrance exam, this was a bright, alert and enthusiastic class, all of which qualities seemed to have bypassed David.