From the Editor

Peace to all!

I began my work as the new editor of with gratitude and hope. I thank Fr Seán Coyle, the former editor, whom I have known since 1984, back in the days when the House of Studies of the Columban students was still in Cebu, where we gave the CHOICE weekend to all the students. He was instrumental in my becoming a Columban lay missionary, and now as his successor. It is not easy to follow somebody’s footsteps, especially when the person’s repute is quite high, but salamat sa Diyos (thanks be to God), I take comfort in the thought that I’m in a role which allows a certain degree of freedom in exercising one’s own creativity. And what a relief (with a smile)!

With Fr Seán… with smiles of gratitude

Mary Joy Rile, assistant editor, and I are still adjusting to the new structure in the office with the addition of the regional website into our work. We welcome this new development as we carry on with our editorial work in the Columban Mission newsletter and the It is our hope that will continue to be an avenue where the Missionary Society of St Columban can further inspire the young and not so young people to be catalysts of God’s love for all of His creation and participate in the mission entrusted by Christ to the Church.

The articles and the regular sections in this issue speak about the challenges of loving and finding meaning in life in the midst of a wounded world, where life in all forms has been violated in many different ways - killing, trafficking, bullying, rejection, disregard for people’s rights and destruction of our environment. It is difficult to love when we are wounded and hurting, but not impossible if we anchor our love in God and allow ourselves to be consumed by it. This will push us to show signs that we care, no matter how small. As Mother Teresa puts it, “Every act of love is a work of peace no matter how small.”

Mother Teresa []

As we work together in building small bridges of love, let us continue to pray for each other, for peace in our hearts and in our land.