A Letter For All Young People Parents Abroad

By Sr. Caroline Granil, fmdm

To every young person who is now reading my letter, I send you my love and a message that “I care”!

Because of my article in the July-August issue Misyon Magazine, several of you have written and I did try to reply.

I want to ask you to concentrate in your studies so that from this moment on you begin to become the person that God has dreamt for you to be.

I myself an auntie of young nieces and nephews and so, I can empathize with you. Also I have relatives working abroad whose children are back in the Philippines. Likewise I have regular contracts with many ‘kababayans’ who are slaving away their jobs only to have enough dollars to send back home for their children. Such parents when they hear news about young people back home involved in child prostitution and drug abuse, their poor hearts quake with fear and sorrow, especially if they haven’t heard from their children lately. To some of you I did advise strongly to write regularly to your parent (s ) abroad even if they don’t write back as often as you write to them. Be there support especially in your prayers for them at the Holy Mass. Sometimes a homesick mothers sighs and says “Ah Sister, if only I could get one letter from my son show is now in High School, just to say ‘thank you” Mama for the pen that you sent me.” another one would say “I was talking with my family on the phone the other night and we were all excited but somehow I knew in my heart that I was longing for them to say “Mama we love you.”

How about the children back home, what do they say? Sister, I asked my Mommy to save up so that she could then come back and be with us for good. We don’t want much money, what matters is for us to be together again.” Another one said, My Mama was on the phone yesterday and she just nagged at me because I didn’t do well in school, and she threatened not to send money anymore if don’t do better next time.” Then there are the cases when eventually the children are able to join the parent(s) abroad. A mother complained, “Sister, (s) he’s so stubborn. I don’t seem to recognize the child I once knew!”

Above are but a few realities among others about our Filipino life at home and abroad. I’m appealing to all readers. Young and adult. To examine ourselves before God and ask Him how and in what way we, individually, could redeem ourselves from our society’s malady of child prostitution (60, 000 in Manila alone_ and drug abuse?

As of now I have one in mind among others that you, with the help of the Holy Spirits, might think of yourselves life, health , good relationships, money, prestige, more of this and more of that.

So my dear young ones, God in Jesus is saying “If you love me you will keep my word and my Fathers will love you and we shall come to you and make our home in you.” (John 14:23). Will you also take God as your number one so that all will be well for you? Please pray for me too, thank you.