Misyon Online - March-April 2008

A Life Beyond Imagination

Father Mulroney interviewed Columban lay missionary Jhoanna ‘Jao' Resari in the middle of her three-year term in Taiwan which will finish around Easter.

I have learned things about myself I never dreamed existed', said Jhoanna Resari about her experience as a Columban lay missionary in Taiwan. Jao was in Hong Kong on her way to mainland China to visit two of the six Harmony House foundations for HIV and AIDS people and to learn about the care of patients and the organizational facets of running facilities. The 28-year-old graduate in fine arts from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila explained that she was always on the look out for ‘something' which she could not quite define, and said that, as an undergraduate, she used to pray hard asking God to show her a way.

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Wisdom is for Everyone

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Paradoxes of the Cross

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A Spring Flower

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