Misyon Really Inspires Me!

By Maricar Garces

Misyon really inspires me.

I’m very sad to hear that you are no longer printing the magazine! I've been searching for you all over the internet and am very interested in being a member! I love reading stories from your Columban missionaries because they inspire me a lot! I feel that our Lord is beside me when I read these articles!  I’ve kept a copy of the March-April 2002 issue of  Misyon. Even though it’s not the latest, the stories refresh me each time I read them. It’s very inspiring.

Right now, I’m a happy mom  . . . no, no  let me correct that . . . I’m a super happy mom! My son is such a wonderful blessing even though he sometimes likes to bite on the magazine that I’ve been keeping for a long time now.

Sometimes I imagine if I could be a Columban missionary. That would surely be a wonderful experience in my life if ever. I really love to teach, to mingle with other people, especially those from different cultures. I know I could learn many things from them, in the same way that I learned so many things from people of different cultures, when I was still working in a hotel. That is what makes me love the Columban missionaries. They share their wonderful experiences that continue to inspire people.



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