Misyon Online - March-June 1991

March-June 1991

By Fr Joseph Panabang SVD

In a parish situation like mine here, walking to the villages is unavoidable but night-walking is something my village people would not normally do. I introduced it only as a way of escaping the blistering sun. One time my church helper and I were walking a distance of more that sixteen miles under the silver sheen of a moonlit night. Having covered more than half of the distance, we rested an I must confess I was so tired I wanted to give up. In a meditative mood, I found myself musing, “Lord, at this stage of world civilization, here I am, still walking.” And the Lord said, “Joe, how lucky you are; you have legs and you have health.” Since then I stopped complaining.

Journey to Asukoko

By Fr. Joseph D. Panabang, SVD

Ghana, West Africa

Red River
Last December, 1988, Patrick and I started our first missionary journey to Asukoko. “Asukoko” means red river. I jokingly asked my guide whether this red river had some connection with the Red Sea and he said emphatically, “Oh no, none at all.

Tuning In

By Sr. Nihita Maria, SSpSAP

A group of Pink Sisters from  the Philippines Sr. Nihita Maria, Sr. Maria Cecilia, pink describe their habit not their politics- started a House of Adoration in Bangalore, India. But before they got there, while still in Bombay, they set up a unique friendship with a Hindu Brahmin Professor.

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His name was Sri Phadnis…
We had apprehensions concerning our future relationship with the Hindu Brahmin Professor who taught us Hindu and Sanskrit. But our fears were quickly dispelled at our first meeting.