Misyon Online - March-June 1993

March-June 1993

A Call to Love: From Bethlehem to Dublin

By: Sr. Marcelle Bual, SPC

Sister lived through the tensions of the INTIFADA- the uprising of the Palestinians in the Israeli occupied West Bank. She also witnessed the Gulf War and tells us how, hiding in a sealed room as the Iraqui scud missiles skimmed across the sky, her thoughts often strayed to a certain faraway place...

I am a Sister of St. Paul. My first foreign mission assignment was in Bethlehem University, first teaching the Palestinian students Business Administration and then, at the start of Intifada, working as the accountant of the university.

A Good Friday Story

By: Sr. Emma G. de Guzman, ICM

Sr. Emma, a veteran Filipino missionary in Cameroon faces the age old dilemma- how to help the poor without playing God and without damaging them. She shares the anguish of all missionaries with us...

Time for Vigil
I woke up early (4 a.m.) to join the end part of the Holy Thursday all night vigil in our parish. After our community’s morning prayers, I decided to spend this particular Good Friday in quit recollection and prayer, to be alone with our Lord Jesus in reliving His suffering and death. I also thought to be one in solidarity with our modern world’s anguish, pain and deaths.

“A Search for Good in the Mission of Africa”

From a Missionary Silver Jubilation

By: Sr. Julia Yap, OSB

“Lord you called us graciously to go your way,” was the verse of the song we sing twenty-five years ago when seven of us made our first profession. The above verse is still ringing in my ears now that I am preparing for my silver jubilee of profession.

Without My Father’s Consent
I might well begin this story with my simple call to the religious life which I have heard a faint voice calling to follow Him way back thirty years ago . For a time I ignore the voice, but later on I could not resist Him and ended up with my radical, “Yes O Lord, I will follow you.” A year before I entered the convent of the Missionary Benedictine  Sister of Tutzing in Manila I attended a vocation retreat which was conducted by a Jesuit father from Ateneo. He opened the eyes of my mind and the ears of my heart to listen to the call. That was a radical change of my life to leave home even without the consent of my father; to leave everything and begin my search for God.


By: Gabriela Chin

Berulo is still very young. He became handicapped through an accident, three years ago. But he always keeps smiling and is very positive person. He is young. So he is always interested in women. When he meets me, he asks me many questions. You are a lay missionary? Can you get married? Do you like Filipinos?

By Fr Joseph Panabang SVD

Puti para sa Celebration
Hoping to motivate our candidates for baptism in my remotest village, I was telling the people that the best attire for occasions like weddings, ordinations, and baptism is white. True enough, during the baptism, almost everyone was in white and more beautifully, during the singing, they were waving in the air white handkerchiefs which according to their custom is a symbol of victory over satan; and of course, proud as a peacock, I was standing with my newly washed white shoes.

Goodbye Mountain Province Hello Chile

By: Fr. Paulino C. Sarac.

A young Filipino priest tells the steps he took which brought him to Chile, in Latin America as a volunteer missionary working with the Columbans.

39 Steps
I’m Fr. Paulino C. Sarac. I was ordained in 1978, and belong to the Vicariate of the Mountain Province, Luzon, Philippines. In 1985, I went down to Pagadian Diocese, Zamboanga del Sur, Mindanao for a vacation. There, the Columbans as if I could take charge for sometime of San Pablo Parish. It’s a parish that was vacant for a while after Rev. John Wanaurny was transferred to Brazil. I accept and took care for almost two years. While there, Rev. Dan O’ Malley, who was the superior, asked if I was interested in an overseas mission. My reaction was yes, but first to ask the permission of my bishop. My bishop at that time was Msgr. Emeliano Madanggeng. The answer was positive, we made all necessary arrangements like psychological test, contract, passport, and visa. After these things, I flew to Australia for a Missiology course- a Latin America; then to Cochabamba Bolivia, for five months, to learn Spanish.

Into the Heart of Pakistan

By: Sr. Perlita Ponge

Sr. Perlita is a Filipino Columban who worked in Peru as a missionary. Having been transferred to the Columban mission in Pakistan she describes her new beginning.

“OUR HOLY WEEK celebration started on Holy Thursday, when Fr. Brendan Kennedy brought Sr. Maureen Donhoe and me to, a Parkari Kohli village. We arrived at 6:00 p.m. and were greeted by the village elders. After drinking a welcome glass of cold water, we went house to house meeting the villagers. The men were busy  preparing a meal in huge pots while the women cleaned up around their homes.

Stella Maris: Star of the Sea

By: Fr. Ray T. Saber, MSC

All Sea Farers
The Apostleship of the Sea is a Catholic institution based in Palazzo San Calisto, Vatican City. In many major seaports of the world this institution has branches popularly known among seafarers as “Stella Maris.” The Apostleship of the sea aims to promote the pastoral care of the maritime people. The term maritime people, means “all those who go down to the sea in ships.” This includes all seafarers.

Unsung Heroes Our Migrant Workers in Taiwan and Everywhere

By: Bro. Bernard Collera, SVD Seminarian

Celebrate and Dance
I am an SVD Seminarian in Taiwan, but as a baptized Catholic, I am a missionary too, though I am still in formation my stay here in Taiwan is indeed a missionary experience. Taiwan has 200 million more people, and only 3% of these are Christian, half of these 3% are Catholics the rest are Protestants. I am fortunate to have lived with native Catholics here during my regency in Tefuyeh where our Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) are actively committed to the evangelization of the Tsou tribe. I enjoyed that short period, and was able to enter rather smoothly and happily as evidenced by my dancing with them during times of celebration. Indeed life is worth celebrating (despite the world class catastrophes we’ve been having these years) with a smile.