Misyon Online - May-June 2010

The Heart That Pumps Water

By Pat McCarthy

Three rivers flow down the slopes of Mt Pinukis, their waters giving life to rice and corn crops, and fish farms in the surrounding bays.

To the Subanen tribe of Western Mindanao in the Philippines, this dormant volcano is their sacred mountain. To mining companies, it is a potential supply of iron ore, manganese and gold.

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An Encounter with Father Mick

By Mary Joy Rile

When I was showing the videos and commentaries of people praying for his release, of the different news and updates we gathered as we followed up on his captivity and release, Fr Michael Sinnott could only smile and nod. Who wouldn't be left speechless by those moving videos of children from Hangop Kabataan, his project in Pagadian City, begging for his release and of children of Holy Family Home, Bacolod City, doing the same, added to the many commentaries of concern posted on our websites!

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Fr Michael Sinnott: A Valentine with Faith

By Richelle H. Verdeprado

It was the afternoon of February 14. I was sitting down, asking questions, taking down some notes and listening in the best way I could. There was no calm music to create a meditative mood but I was moved. I was reasonably disturbed. As he recalled what took place from October 11 until November 12 last year, he carried me to the forest where he spent many nights. He brought me to the mountains he had hiked and to the seas he had crossed. How come I'm hearing the story of his 32-day rough experience yet I can't find bitterness in his eyes? He must be a very good man.

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Pedaling to Live: The Journey Continues

By Fr Oliver McCrossan

'There are nine million bicycles in Beijing . . .' These are the opening words of a song of Katie Melua. That's Beijing! This is Ozamiz City, Philippines, and there are 74 tricycles, few by Beijing's standards, but providing a reliable, pollution-free transport service for hundreds of people, and a living for the drivers and their families.

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‘Compadre, alone we might lack many things but together we lack nothing.’

By Fr G. Chris Saenz SSC

It must have been a missionary impulse that woke me at 3:30am on 27 February 27 in my hotel room in Kansas City. I was in Kansas for a relative's funeral and had a morning flight back to Boston. I awoke feeling a little unsettled. Suddenly, my iPhone buzzed, alerting me of breaking news through its CNN application. I read the caption and was stunned: Chile had been hit with an 8.8 magnitude earthquake! Immediately, I turned on the television to get more news. My heart sank when I heard it was in the south of Chile.

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My Mother’s Insight

By Fr Kwon Tae-Moon, Johan

On 3 April 2008 my mother came from Korea to China to see me. My plan wasn't to go sightseeing but to let her see how we Columbans work in China. As a result, we met many of the people whom I was encountering in my ministry.

With my mother I went to Jingzhou to meet Korean Sisters and others who work with lepers; also to Xiantao to see the Chinese priests and Sisters there. My mother was impressed with their simple lifestyle, especially that of the late Bishop Peter Zhang.

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