Misyon Online - November-December 1990

November-December 1990

Buying a Bride

Sr. Mary Jeanette Matela, a Hoy Spirit Sister who works in Papua New Guinea, focuses on a custom degrading to women which she and her community are hoping to change.

On my way to the convent after my 12:30 P.M. class, I met Marylyn.

Pidgin Talk
Have you eaten yet, Marylyn?” I asked her in Pidgin English. “Ya sista, mi kaikai pinis. Lukim!” (Yes, Sister, I have already eaten. Look!) she replied showing her tummy. Nau yu mas slip, malolo liklik na bai yu kamap bikpela meri,” (Now you must sleep, rest a little and you will grow big) I suggested to her. Without hesitation Marylyn replied, “Tiam mi kanap bikpela, daddy bilong mi bai I baim mi.” (When I become ready for marriage my daddy will sell me for my bride –prize)

Children of the Streets

Sr. Cecilia Cuizon, a Filipino Columban Sister who has been on mission in Iquique Chile for several years writes about the street children she accompanies, as one of her ministries

Sister, Can You Help?
One afternoon while I was visiting the different group in our parish of Iquique, Chile, a girl named Ninoska, twenty years old, approached me and said, “Hermana, puede usted ayudarnos?” (Sister, can you help us?) I knew the girl I knew the girl because I had seen her many times with children she was preparing for the first communion. “Que quiere?” (What do you want?) I asked.

Hope Shines in Tanzania

By Sr. Rosalinda Gonzales, MMM

Sr. Rosalinda first met the Medical Missionaries of Mary when she worked as a lay doctor in Nigeria, West Africa. She is at present the Filipino member of this International missionary congregation founded in Drogheda, Ireland.

Study the Language
I was missioned to Tanzania in 1986. After finishing six months language course I was assigned to work in Makiungo Hospital.

Kamal means Lotus

By Sr. Ching Madduma, ICM

Sr. Ching, a Filipino missionary in India, continues her beautiful story about bringing handicapped people out of the land of shadows. She discovered Kamal, when he was four years old, chained up and almost abandoned. Slowly he began to work with him – removed his chains and introduced him to wonders of water.

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First Unit
In the same year I met Kamal, I opened the first unit for persons with mental handicaps at Sarnath Normal School compound. Kamal was enrolled in this unit.

O for the Aguinaldos

By Sr. Veronica Origenes
Nairobi, Kenya

Dear, Fr. O’Brien,

Today, the Aguinaldo Masses start in our beloved Philippines. May the timeless message of Christmas (LOVE, JOY, and PEACE) bring you happiness all through the years.

This is a very late response to your appeal. Sorry for the delay: too few workers and the apostolate is vast.

Tribal Tattoo

By Sr. Judith Malon, OSA
A Missionary in Taiwan

Mountain People
The Taiwan aborigines surviving today are generally known as mountain tribespeople, and classified into nine main groups.

Tattoo on the Face
Facial tattooing is a special feature of the Atayal tribe, the mountain people among whom I work here in Chingchuan, the men wear one or more vertical stripes tattooed on the forehead and chin, while the women may wear three or five vertical stripes in the center of forehead, with between one and three short horizontal stripes on either side forming a cross- shaped design. Or they may wear doubled stripes running from the ears to the corners of the mouth, or to the upper chin.