Misyon Online - November-December 2009


‘Youth of the New Millennium’ (Do you know where we’re going to . . ?) is written by a teacher telling us of her many observations about the youth of today. However, she doesn’t sound so positive about it. You can access the article here

In this connection we would like to cater responses from the youth on this article. We will be accepting entries either by email (editor@misyononline.com) or by post (San Columbano, PO Box 588, 6100 Bacolod City) on or before December 31, 2009. We will give three prizes of PHP1,000 for the responses that in the editor’s judgment are best. 

Youth, it entails the concerns of your generation. Let your voices be heard!

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This is a post script to the Misyon Pulong ng Editor November-December 2009 Issue.


‘Chaty' for Charity Work

By Mary Joy Rile

Four years ago Chaty started a charity work by doing fund raising for an orphanage in Dumaguete. She collected some money from her friends back in Australia and bought goods such as rice, milk, sugar and biscuits as Christmas presents. Before returning to Australia she happened to pass by a second-hand store, popularly known here in the Philippines as ‘ukay-ukay’, where she saw a Salvation Army tag on some clothes. These were supposed to be given out free, not to be sold. This gave Chaty the idea for another charity work...

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A Missionary from Colombia

By Richelle Verdeprado

Opportunities to decide how they will spend their lives come in different ways for different people. More than just recognizing these chances is the permanent joy brought about by listening and responding to them according to God’s plan. For Sr Adela V. Paternina TC, her opportunity to decide how she would live the rest of her life came to her 57 years ago, when she chose to enter the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family, a religious congregation founded at the shrine of Our Lady of Montiel in Benaguacil, Valencia, Spain, by Bishop Luis José María Amigó y Ferrer OFM Cap. Now, as her 78th birthday is approaching, she sees her life as simpler but more real than it was before...

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A Taste of a Missionary Journey

By Nelson A. Barbarona SVD

Japan is a country of few Christians, particularly Catholics. As far as my little knowledge is concerned, Japan in its refusal to be conquered by the different religious orders, persecuted quite a number of religious missionaries and lay persons including the first Filipino Martyr, Saint Lorenzo Ruiz. On 24 November last year 187 martyrs were beatified in Nagasaki City. Despite the persevering efforts of the religious missionaries to spread Christianity, most Japanese remained firm in their traditional belief, Shinto, which eventually became the national religion until Buddhism was introduced in the pre-war period...

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Fiji Day Celebrations in the Philippines

By Etuate Tubuka

I woke up in the morning of Saturday 11 October last year with a feeling of great delight and cheerfulness for it was the day we Fijians here in the Philippines were going to celebrate Fiji’s Independence from Great Britain. The actual date of independence is 10 October but since it fell on Friday, a working day, we decided to have the celebration the following day.

Exactly 134 years earlier Fiji was ceded to Great Britain due to unpaid debts to some Americans. Fijians then were living under the traditional chiefly system and money was of no value...

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