Misyon Online - September-October 1990

September-October 1990

Irma Wama and the Special Smile

By Sr. Juana Maria OSB

‘Irma Wama’ is a strange name for a Filipino; it is the pet name which is the people of  Luanda, Angola, Africa, give Sister Juana Maria, a Benedictine Sister working among them as a missionary these past three years. Sr. Juana Maria is a dentist and, in her missionary works, uses her skills as a dentist as her way of bringing God’s love to the people. Of course, thing are not easy in Angola at the moment because, for the past 30 years or more, a war has been raging. But in the midst of this, as missionary like Sr. Juana Maria must struggle, on doing what she can.

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No Water/ No Antibiotics
One Friday, I was reluctant to give dental service in one of the remote villages, where the only source of water was a dirty lagoon eight kilometers away. I could afford to use only a little water for eight persons waiting for dental extraction. However, in spite of the fact that I had no antibiotics, no analgesics, all worked out well. I came to realized: “The Lord has a special eye for the poor.

Kamal means Lotus

Sr. Ching Madduma, ICM
Sarnath, Varanasi, U.P. India

The Lotus
Have you ever seen a “Kamal”? “Kamal” is a Hindu word for lotus, a beautiful flower that thrives in water. Because it is beautiful and symbolic, many people would like to have the name Kamal. Parents would like to name a son or a daughter Kamal or Kamala.

They called Him Kamal
Such was the case with a Khurmi couple named Kallu and Jarauti. They called their first born child Kamal. The child was a boy, and so the joy of the family was doubled. Kamal’s parents are poor and illiterate. In spite of the poverty, Kamal was cared for and loved. The family had much hope and many dreams about this promising healthy, good looking baby boy, until he was eight months old.

Lory and Cely: in the Footsteps of San Lorenzo Ruiz

Many Filipinos go to Japan for work. They go as dancers or entertainers or as domestic helpers. Now a different reason is moving some Filipino to go Japan. They are following the footsteps of St. Lorenzo Ruiz and going on lay mission with the Philippine (Catholic) Lay Mission Program.

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Lory and Cely
Lory Antonio and Cely Reyes are among the lay missionaries who set out from the Philippines for the diocese of Chiba, Japan, there to work with Bishop Paul Mori and his priests by doing something for the Filipino immigrants. But first let us look back at the history of Christianity in Japan.

Starts with the Music

By Sr. Judith Malon OSA

The Mission: many of us have seen the stirring film, “The Mission.” The movie opens with Jesuits Fr. Gabriel climbing a waterfall where the hostile Indians live. He arrives exhausted; he takes out his flute and begins to play. The Indians hiding in the forest, ready to kill him, are touched by the music; they lower their weapons and the tragic Jesuit love affair with the Guani Indians of Paraguay begins.

Several hundred years later, a Filipino missionary in Taiwan, Sr. Judith Malon, OSA, tries the same approach. Read on:

Goodbye to Negros
“Start with music” were the word of Titay Hagad of Bacolod City to me during our mission-sending way back in June, 1983. That phrase was not entirely new to me. I had heard it from a Jesuit priest during our mission orientation in Tagaytay. Maybe the priest got the idea from the movie, “The Mission,” which is a true story of one of the Jesuit missions.

To Go To the Poor a need of my Soul

Sr. Ma. Rosario, FMM

Off to Indonesia
My first mission was Indonesia, the country next to my motherland, the Philippines. I left home for this mission exactly a month after the mission- sending ceremony held at Baclaran Church, on 7, 1979, more than 10 years ago.

God’s Plan is Different
As a missionary I have always wanted to work with the less fortunate of my brothers and sisters but I acquired a job which encloses me with in four walls. At times I feel rather disappointed, but I have to accept it with strong faith. While I had to planned help build the Kingdom through direct service to the poor, God’s plan for me seemed to be otherwise. God has His owns ways and they are beyond human comprehensions.